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Multi Training Academy

Awadh National Security Academy

Training forms the core quintessence of any business especially in the Security Industry where the training and acquired skills of a Security Guard or Officer may be the only determining factor in life threatening situations. Training and development long term vision of becoming a Global Competitive Player & with our top management ever-growing focus on the importance Security Academy is being designed to be a multi locational, residential, ISO 9001-2000 certified training institute for imparting basic, medium and advanced security related education and training in India . We will specialize in teaching all categories of Physical, Electronic Security and  Investigative subjects through the use of our approved curriculum and Awadh Group certified instructors. Our aspiration is to be a world leader in developing accredited qualifications and training programmes for the security industry. Sectors covered include manned security services, retail and leisure security, parking, fire alarms, intruder alarm engineering, CCTV/ access control, investigation,executive  protection, event security management and CIT. Our panel of qualified trainers and consultants will enable Awadh to maintain the highest standards in research, development and delivery of training courses and materials. In addition to providing training at the academies, Awadh Security Academy will arrange in-house courses for organizations requiring training at their own premises and also provide consultancy services to large and medium size corporate entities on commercial basis. We are endeavoring to be affiliated with national and international universities offering graduate and post graduate degrees & diplomas to its student in the different fields of Security Management. The first archetype academy is being planned within the close proximity of Kolkata, India’s newly financial hub. Subsequently, there are immediate plans to initiate similar academies in Hyderabad, Patna, and Lucknow. Each academy will be within a minimum spread of 1-3 Acres. The Awadh National Security Academy will be one of its kind in India. With facilities for Small Arm Shooting, Canine Training, Defensive Driving, Mock areas and other advanced security applications besides a well designed obstacle course, parade ground, physical training ground, state of art gymnasium and fire fighting grounds.

Induction Training

Every newly recruited Awadh Security has to undergo a minimum 7 days -27 days induction training program. The USP of this program is that the trainee is trained in an environment akin his/ her actual work environment and is trained and counseled by a peer during the training. The training is generally followed by an assessment by the trainer and an examination either at the regional Office or the Corporate Office.

Peer to Peer Training

Awadh Security helps develop the spirit of Togetherness by bonding the new inductees along with senior & respected Awadh Security besides training the new inductees are automatically made comfortable in the new environment and this aids them a lot in their developmental years.


As per our training procedures, it is mandatory for every direct and indirect member to be continuously trained throughout his/her career for continuous development in weak areas. In the beginning of the year, a training calendar is made at the Corporate Office by the Corporate Manager HR & Training where courses are run at the Corporate Office, the 3 Regional Offices and the Branch offices too. Every employee desirous of learning new skills ranging from manners & etiquettes to how to work on M/S Excel to advanced courses such as preparation of disaster management plans or better report writing techniques, etc are taught in these training programs.

Fire Fighting Training

The majority of businesses that suffer a serious fire never recover. The increasing incidences of fire necessitate the spread of thorough knowledge and training in fire prevention and control methods and skills.

Bomb Threat & Counter Measures

To  train  participants to  understand  the  composition  of  bombs  to assess  various bomb threats.
To impart knowledge regarding security methods and systems to tackle bomb threats.

  1. Components and types of a bomb

  2. Explosives and incendiary devices.

  3. What motivates the bomber.

  4. Dealing with a bomb threat – search and evacuation.

  5. Protective and preventive measures.

Safe and Evasive Driving

To educate and train drivers in various aspects of safe and evasive driving and the security precautions concerned.

  1. Rules of the road.

  2. Rules of safe driving.

  3. Driving tool kit.

  4. Security measures and vehicle maintenance.

  5. Video films on various aspects of driving.

Security Management

To develop and enhance the knowledge and skills of security men at both the general and strategic aspects of their work, maintaining at all times the focus on their primary role as loss prevention professionals.

  1. Principles & functions of security.

  2. Risk analysis and management.

  3. Security survey and audit.

  4. Physical security.

  5. Electronic security.

  6. Corporate security policy and procedures.

  7. Management and leadership.

  8. Health and safety at work.

Investigation and Writing Reports

To enhance the investigators knowledge and professional skills and thereby training him on how to write an effective report.

  1. Techniques of investigation.

  2. The psychology of crime.

  3. Questioning techniques, interviewing skills, and interview models.

  4. Recording of evidence and analysis.

  5. Report writing.

Pradhan Mantri Kaushal Vikas Yojana (PMKVY)

  • Tourism and hospitality services sector

  • Construction skill development

  • Healthcare sector skill

  • Apparel sector skill

  • Beauty and wellness sector skill

  • Electronics sector skills

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